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Did Njeza Get Mangcobo Pregnant?Here’s What You Need To Know

Did Njeza Get Mangcobo Pregnant?Here's What You Need To Know

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Did Njeza Get Mangcobo Pregnant?Here’s What You Need To Know

Mangcobo and Njeza’s Latest News

Mangcobo and Njeza enjoyed themselves but with an intention to take Njeza’s time while Nkunzi focuses on himself and Nosipho to seek revenge in the Khanyile’s. This happened after their so long-cooked plan and now its getting action.

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Lindiwe aka Mangcobo called Njeza to discuss the deal of selling the house to them but that was not the actual intentions. The main plan was to get the Mhlongo household without any bodyguards. This gave her and Nkunzi a  plan to get into the house.

Mangcobo and Njeza went on and had sex without thinking of what will happen if she gets pregnant. Do you think Mangcobo is impregnated by Njeza?. That’s a question we’re all asking ourselves.

Also, remember that the time Njeza was still working for Nkunzi Mhlongo as his right-hand man, it was very obvious that he and MaNgcobo had expressions of love for each other, they typically exchanged bashful words once in a while.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to find that MaNgcobo is pregnant with Njeza’s newborn child as the two have once been under the same sheets.

Rumours are spreading about MaNgcobo being pregnant in the story, and all I remember is her sleeping with Njeza. I mean, we would enjoy the drama that will come with this right?

If it happens that she is pregnant with Njeza’s child,what’s going to happen with Hleziphi who is dating Njeza?

Let’s follow the storyline to unfold the truth.

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