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Generations The Legacy: Thursday 13 January 2022 – Nkosi Goes After The Moroka’s and Lucy Decides To Play Dirty

Generations The Legacy Thursday 13 January 2022 – Nkosi Goes After The Moroka’s

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Generations The Legacy: Thursday 13 January 2022 – Nkosi Goes After The Moroka’s and Lucy Decides To Play Dirty

Generations The Legacy: Thursday 13 January 2022 – Nkosi goes after the Moroka’s
Let’s do a little recap of last night’s episode

On the previous episode of Generations The Legacy, Sphe put her foot down but Nkosiyabo’s not having any of it. A hitman managed to sneak his way into the bride-to-be’s hotel suite… Mrekza decided it’s time to get behind his woman.

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Nkosiyabo made sure his presence was felt everywhere. He listens to no one and answers to no one. Sphe is struggling to deal with him. He reckons his own family owes him for getting the Moroka deal. He is going after everything in the Morokas business. Nkosi wants to make sure Kabisi pays for the way he treats him.

Kabisi is unhappy to hear that Nkosi is running for the chairman’s seat on the board. Nkosiyabo insults Luyolo before Sphe, and Luyolo overhears Nkosi’s plan a hostile takeover of the Moroka empire. It’s the day of the wedding, and Murphy’s law is entirely operative.

Ayanda looks stunning in her dress, and she is ready to get married, taking pictures. Fikile is in complete panic mode. Dali is as far away from the wedding as possible. Lerumo discovers the wire on Mandla and hits the order on. Dali is face to face with Lerumo.

Salaries: Kabisi Moroka 'Mpho J Molepo' salary at Generations revealed
Kabisi Moroka ‘Mpho J Molepo’ from Generations (Source Instagram)

Mrekza and Cosmo use every tactic to win against each other. The battle for the kiosk is far from over, and no one is showing signs of pulling back.

Generations The Legacy: Thursday 13 January 2022  Episode

Thursday 13 January 2022
Episode 39 (1859)

Generations The Legacy 13 January 2022: Luyolo opts not to keep his mouth shut about what he heard. Zanele gets a frantic phone call and rushes out of the church. Fikile is at a loss when everything seems to be falling apart.
Luyolo chooses to spill the beans about what he heard from Pamela Khoza. This will fuel Pamela’s investigative instinct and push her to take Kabisi’s advice to investigate Nkosi. Nkosi doesn’t listen to his elders, who want him to create a good partnership with the Morokas. The ship has sailed on that.

Generations actor Muzi Mthabela (Source Instagram)
Generations actor Muzi Mthabela (Source Instagram)

Zanele leaves the church in a rush after getting a phone call from a panicked caller. The whole wedding is a disaster, and Fikile feels it the most. All things have come undone, and everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.

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Episode 41 (1861)

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