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He A Bit Older Than You Thought: Olwethu Mackay ‘Senzo’ From House of Zwide’s Age Revealed

Senzo From House of Zwide Age

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He A Bit Older Than You Thought: Olwethu Mackay ‘Senzo’ From House of Zwide’s Age Revealed

Olwethu McKay is the breakout star of House of Zwide. He is fresh out of high school and has already made a name for himself as a breakout star on e.TV drama House of Zwide. Olwethu MacKay (18) is a young actor who grew up in Mpumalanga, where he was raised by his grandmother.

Many can not help but love the youngest of the Zwide family, Senzo, who is the correct dose of fabulous and naughty. Senzo is still in High school, and his family shipped him off to boarding school for his studies. This means that Olwethu as an actor is mainly seen on House of Zwide during school holidays.

The actor is a 19-year-old in real life, and his small frame and baby face makes it easy for him to portray someone younger. When the Telenovela started, the actor was in the news, filled with the joy of debuting his acting at 18. He says acting is his passion, and he likes the attention that comes with the job, so he started performing at school before he went on to the silver screen.

Olwethu Mackay
Olwethu Mackay-Image Source(Instagram/Olwethu Mackay)

Olwethu’s role in House of Zwide is his debut role onscreen and the only one he is famous for so far in his young career. He joined the National School of Arts to try and perfect his craft as an actor and graduated from Matric in 2021.

House of Zwide actor Olwethu Mackay’s age stuns Mzansi

Olwethu Mackay
Olwethu Mackay-Image Source(Instagram/Olwethu Mackay)

Even though he takes on the role of the spoilt rich kid who gets away with almost everything, Olwethu is a hard worker and a dreamer in real life. When he was in High School, he won the best actor award for playing the lead role in a school play after auditioning for the second time. HEe hopes to pursue motion picture studies in his college career with a director one day. His inspiration is drawn from Mandala N, one of the best directors in South Africa.

Having been part of a cast with legends in the acting industry like Vusi Kunene, Bawinile Ntshaba, and many others, it’s safe to say this youngster is on the correct path.

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