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If You Watch Uzalo,You Are Going To Cry Tonight [Here’s Why]

If You Watch Uzalo,You Are Going To Cry Tonight [Here's Why]

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If You Watch Uzalo,You Are Going To Cry Tonight [Here’s Why]

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As we’ve all seen, this week has been an emotional one for Qhabanga. Qhabanga has just found out about the death of his son (Khehla) and wife (Nomcebo). Khehla came to Kwa-Mashu just to find his father whom his mother, Nomcebo, said left when he was still a boy.

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When Khehla arrived in Kwa-Mashu, he fell in love with Gabisile, the woman who was married to his father. Gabisile was Khehla’s landlord at the time.

Honestly, Gabisile didn’t know Khehla was her stepson. As soon as she got the news, she tried to end their relationship Kehla was already in love with her.

Gabisile accidentally killed Khelha. This happened when Khehla tried to kill Gabisile, but she overpowered and killed him instead.

Khehla’s death became a problem Gabisile involved her son and Mazaza. As we have seen,Mazaza later used Khehla’s death information to blackmail Gabisile.

Then when Khehla’s mother, Nomcebo, came to Kwa-Mashu , her aim was to find her son and her husband.

Lately, Qhabanga thought his wife had left him, only to find an SMS that lead him to both Nomcebo and Khehla’s remains.

So, Tonight on Uzalo The community celebrates/mourns a great woman and her son.

Nkunzi repossesses Sibonelo’s pride and joy in front of his wives. Sbu corners Fikile in a very public manner.


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