Nay Maps Joins Muvhango As Rendani’s Love Interest

Actor Nay Maps who currently plays the role of Zenzele on Imbewu: The Seed has just joined the cast of Muvhango to play the role of Tshireletso. Tshireletso is Rendani’s new love interest after her husband Hulisani got killed by his uncle Tenda last year.

Viewers met Tshireletso for the first time last night at a restaurant.

Nay Maps Joins Muvhango

He was eyeing Rendani the whole night and even asked for her number when she was out with her best friends.

Rendani was eventually left alone at the restaurant when her friends went home

She got mugged outside the restaurant and Tshireletso went after the thief and got her handbag

It appears he staged Rendani’s mugging last night so that he can be her knight and shining armor.

Rendani doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to men

Her previous relationships

She called off her engagement after her family arranged for her to marry Mogau

She said she was not ready to marry him as she was not in love with him and married Hulisani instead

She married Rendani within three months after she met him without knowing anything about him.

She only found out after they were married that he was a gambler and highly addicted to gambling.

Rendani was devastated to learn that her husband is broke after pretending to be monied

What to expect from her new relationship?

Viewers will see Rendani turning down Tshireletso this week even though she’s developed feelings for him.

She’s still burying her previous relationship with Hulisani and feels that she’s not ready for a new relationship

The two will eventually go on a date on Monday the 20th   and breakup on Wednesday the 22nd

She will get back together with him the next day and introduce him to her friends

He will meet Rendani’s family on Tuesday the 28th and plot to steal her money on Wednesday the 29th