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Uzalo Lilly Has A Plan For Nkunzi, Find Out Below

Uzalo Lilly Has A Master Plan For Nkunzi, Find Out Below

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Uzalo Lilly Has A Plan For Nkunzi, Find Out Below

Uzalo Latest News and What’s Coming Up

Uzalo is a South African soap opera produced by Stained Glass Productions, which is co-owned by Kobedi “Pepsi” Pokane and Gugu Zuma-Ncube. It has always been the most-watched drama in Mzansi and still continues to be. Last month the viewers of the show were left unhappy after Thulani and Godfather left Uzalo. The Khanyile Boys left Uzalo after being shot, Killed and buried by Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo. But, a lot of fans have been asking if indeed Thulani and Godfather are dead.

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Remember what happened on that episode of Uzalo? Those gunshots? Do you think those bullet shots Killed them as they were buried? .On one of the episodes of Uzalo, we also got to see Lilly at the site where they were buried. Lilly dug up their graves and found the Khanyile boys.

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As we have already seen on the previous episodes of Uzalo, Lilly has been receiving strange calls which we are all longing to know where they are from..Well, the way things look, the calls are from probably Gadaffi or Sjava who it has been rumoured that he will be joining Uzalo soon.

These calls are nothing else but about Thulani who was Killed by Nkunzi Mhlongo.Thulani has served the bullets, therefore, he is still alive.

As we all remember, he did not spend a long time being buried underground because we saw Lilly digging on the site where Nkunzi killed and Buried them.

However, we didn’t get to see what happened after that but in other episodes after that Lilly has been acting strange around Mondli.

On the upcoming episodes, we will get to see Lilly taking them to a Hostel where they will be Healed by Jombigazi, Sjava whose character has not been confirmed by Uzalo producers. Thulani & Godfather are still alive, let’s hope they sort out their issues and we get to see them on our screens again.

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